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🎧 S1E1 – Trophies

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Ever noticed how the linguistic conventions of photography are tacitly embedded in an ideology of photography as a form of hunting? We load, check the viewfinder and shoot, and photographs seem to be our “trophies”. If we stop seeing photography as a form of “taking”, then we can begin to leverage photography’s healing power as a form of conversation! Perhaps, even, as one of the most powerful forms of conversation ever invented by humanity!

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Some of Brancoprata’s work

What my dear friends Andre and Sofia of BrancoPrata call creative exercises, is a very effective way to demonstrate greatness without being constrained by a limiting brief. They will come up with a creative exercise that demonstrates all the elements of good taste and, without having necessarily any specific client commissioning the project, they will imagine and create a project that is totally unconstrained by a limiting client brief.




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One of the best reads on the purpose of photography (links to Amazon)
BOOK: On Photography by Susan Sontag

Or, you can read an excerpt online here:
On Photography by Susan Sontag

If you have academic access to JSTOR through a university or school, this is a valuable reading:
Re-Picturing Photography: A Language in the Making

Article on Photography from the 1859 The Atlantic (quote by Oliver Wendell referenced in the Podcast)
The Age of Photography by Oliver Wendell Holmes

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