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Under a thousand floating candles – M+D’s Wedding in villa Mangiacane

An iconic wedding

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to capture moments that are truly mesmerizing—a few experiences have been so extraordinary they’ve left me speechless. M&D’s wedding in villa Mangiacane was one of those.

From the rolling hills that define its landscape to the architectural heritage, Tuscany emerges as one of the most enchanting destinations I’ve ever encountered, where every detail, contributes to its timeless allure.

Under the Tuscan sky

Elegantly distinctive, this mesmerizing historical estate presents an unparalleled setting for a Tuscan wedding.

Within the villa’s storied halls, opulent adornments and fine furnishings grace the interiors of Mangiacane, evoking a timeless allure. Additionally, the garden boasts a collection of striking statues, adding further splendor to the surroundings.

The Ceremony

Enhanced by the exquisite touch of cascading florals by Flowers in Tuscany, M+D’s wedding at Villa Mangiacane unfolded as a true visual marvel. Every moment was elevated by the expert floral arrangements that adorned the venue.

As the bride made her entrance, she passed beneath a captivating grand arch adorned with delicate white blooms, casting a spellbinding aura. Along her path, rose petals delicately lined the aisle, adding a touch of romance to the already enchanting atmosphere.

M+D’s ceremony unfolded as an intimate Catholic affair, reserved solely for family members. It was set against the villa’s olive grove, and framed by a floral spectacle, with high-back leather chairs with gold accents, elegantly positioned in diagonal symmetry, nodding to an Italian garden’s meticulously arranged flowerbeds.

Spread across more than 2 hectares of verdant gardens and featuring an enticing open-air swimming pool, Villa Mangiacane provided a picturesque backdrop for capturing couple portraits.

Among the highlights was the couple’s rare 1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL, one of only six such models in existence worldwide, adding a unique and luxurious touch to their photographs.

Under a thousand candles

The villa’s loggia was adorned with a thousand floating candles, and the tables were decorated with high crystal centerpieces of white orchids.

The Fiery Finale

Swept away by the stirring harmonies of the Musika Band, the wedding soared to a heart-stopping climax amidst a dazzling array of fireworks, sending waves that left the guests quivering with excitement.

Vendor Credits

Planning, Concept and Design: Weddings in Tuscany
Photography: Andreas K. Georgiou
Flowers: Tuscany Flowers
Videography: Anker Productions
Venue: Villa Mangiacane
Music: Musicaevento

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