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When I hold a camera, it's as if I'm holding a mirror at just the right angle to show people how remarkable they truly are.

My entire career has been one in pursuit of meaning and purpose. After my research career at the Universities of Cambridge and Harvard, I had a high-flying career in international high-tech, and then led the digital department of a multimillion marketing firm. I also taught primary school children seeking asylum from the war in the middle East. 

My promise to you is to create humbly and generously; a gallery that reveals how remarkable of a couple you are, inside and out!

Today, after 4 careers, I am happy my life is dedicated to capturing life’s greatest events in the most meaningful manner, and to teaching remarkable photographers discover their vision and lead a life fuelled by a sense of purpose.

I consider each couple's love story to be a deserving and unique work of art. My photography is personal, fashion-forward, and fully purposeful, with a painterly old-world charm, and is the combination of candid moments and editorial compositions.

My work stems from an overwhelming desire to advocate for empathy, self-understanding, and the spreading of kindness. I hope that by showing all the goodness that exists in the world, I might help make the world a bit better, ever so slightly. I can imagine nothing more powerful than two humans in love!

photographer, writer, Educator, gentleman

Although for a long time I thought I would be a neuroscientist, I eventually left my research and corporate career for photography! I 've never felt happier (the pictures speak for themselves)!

Some of my best friendships have been forged at work, with my colleagues and couples! Here, captured by our groom himself, is talented celebrity cinematographer Pascal Dele and myself during a wedding in South France!

Alexia Themistocleous

Alexia was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa and also lived in London for many years, where she had a career in finance.

She is our team's second master photographer. She also leads one of the premier portrait studios for women's portraiture, and newborn photography.

Her photography is deeply insightful and personal, revealing the character and spirit of her subjects like no other photographer I know. She also has an extraordinary gift for connecting with her subjects and putting them at ease. 

Alexia and I have been married since 2011 and have two beautiful young children, a boy and a girl!

Alexia is our team's second Master Photographer. Together, we create a rare fusion of  editorial, photojournalistic, and fashion photography.

Master photographer

An adventure in pursuit of meaning



Over the clouds as I am awarded a full scholarship for a PhD in Neuroscience at Harvard. I decided to leave Harvard in pursuit of my entrepreneurial career and in...




I co-founded the digital division of a multimillion marketing firm, focusing primarily on marketing green technology companies.

In parallel, I teach refugee children who escaped wartime in the Middle East. The sense of purpose inherent in AKG Photography is largely thanks to this humbling experience.


Just Married!

Our daughter, Demetra, is born!


AKG Destination & Editorial Photography is born

Our intimate wedding with the love of my life, my muse, Alexia,  on a mountain in our home island of Cyprus! We had our honeymoon in magical Chang Mai in Thailand!

Our son, Alkiviades, is born!


Few things in my life have had such a profound impact on me as studying in Cambridge! Being surrounded by legendary figures from the past and present... On Sunday mornings, the church bells ring... The King's College Evensongs... Punting to Grantchester! Cambridge will always have a special place in my heart!


We adopt our gorgeous Lady. She is a Nova Scotia Retriever rescue & I love her to bits!



My wife, Alexia (who was an ACCA auditor up to this point) switches her career to photography and creates what is today one of the largest family photography studios in Cyprus. Participating in the photography process with her inspired me to pursue photography as a career just a few years after her!

... I launched my first high-tech startup which was quickly bought by an international company. I stayed with the company and got to learn from some of the best marketers, entrepreneurs and creatives, including my mentor Allen LeWinter, one of the producers of the sensational franchise "Barney the Dinosaur".

One of the highlights of my high-tech career was leading the design concept of a prototype phone for Nokia!


My brand becomes highly recognised by colleagues, publications and couples for its emphasis on impeccable service and vision. As of 2021 I have a keen focus on education for wedding creatives, teaching approximately 5 workshops a year. My vision is to inspire wedding artists to use their art as a platform for good.

It's a girl!

It's a boy!




A distinct editorial quality captured on analogue film (or film-emulated) for that painterly old-world appeal. My work has a an editorial edge, yet feels personal. Each couple's love story is treated as a deserving work of art.

A loosely styled approach, where I make my subject appear their best while being unobtrusively present in the moment. My priority is that my couples have a wonderful time on their wedding day and exude joy, because true moments are more compelling than contrived emotion. My wedding galleries, therefore, balance candid moments with lifestyle editorial scenes.

The term that best describes my approach is "Editorial Wedding Photography" (read: "What is Editorial Wedding Photography?")

The Look

Your one-of-a-kind story

A wedding is so much more than a dinner and a party. It is your Debuntante Ball - your "coming out in the world" party. My mission is to tease out the threads of your unique story through photography that true to your individuality as a couple.

My process begins well before the wedding. I collaborate with both you and your wedding planner, and the more we talk about your wishes and share ideas, the more I am able to capture the event in its entirety. As a result of this approach, I can be a soothing presence and your confidant on your wedding day.



is in the

The Approach


With a painterly old-world appeal, my photography is personal, intimate, and fashion-forward. I care deeply for each couple's love story as a worthy and unique piece of art.




I am most recognized for my portraits of women. When I photograph women, I want to capture images that convey femininity as a benign energy. Women are not ornamental objects or clothing mannequins in my photographs... Instead, I use their voices to retell stories of women who are determined heroines in their own worlds: radiant, confident, and powerful.


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