I will always go above and beyond to connect with my couples in a way that puts them at ease. The experience of being photographed is just as important as the quality of the photographs. It's important to look at a photograph and remember how much fun you were having at the time, and my presence at your wedding is one of humble service to you.

What is it like having you at the wedding?

Appropriate attire is a show of respect for both you and your guests, in my opinion. Please let me know if you have particular dress code requirements; otherwise, I and everyone on my team will be dressed formally.

What is your dresscode?

What is the process for designing an Album?

I design Albums myself in a way that best narrates the event and highlights the most complimentary and striking images. You will then have the opportunity to review and make changes accordingly through my online proofing system.

Contemporary but ageless, fashion-forward yet natural are the terms that best represent my aesthetic. I love my images to have a color representation that is closer to real life but yet has a painterly quality to it.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Absolutely. I place a high value on formal family pictures. I photograph families the way I'd like to be photographed at my own children's weddings one day. A suitable duration of time for family formals is 20-30 minutes (typically immediately following the ceremony).

I will coordinate a questionnaire through which I will collect crucial information, including a list of your most important guests and preferred family portrait groupings. I memorize VIP guests' names so that I can address them personally. I'll also be in touch with your planner on a regular basis.

Will you photograph family formals?

I photograph both film and digital, depending on the lighting conditions and how much time we have in my disposal. On your wedding day, I will mostly shoot digital as it allows for lower light captures. It also allows me to work faster. During portraits I have the luxury of time, and I shoot both film and digital. I absolutely love the luminous and raw quality of film, and I strive to achieve its look even when shooting digital. At the same time, I love digital photography for the sophistication it brings with regards to post-processing.

Film or digital?

I use both film and digital medium format cameras in my work. When it comes to digital photography, I prefer the Fujifilm GFX. My crew always takes a lot of backup equipment, which is all serviced by expert specialists on a regular basis.

What equipment do you use?

A rough estimate is between 50 and 100 every hour of shooting. Only the best shots from each setup and perspective are included. Blinking, unpleasant expressions, and blur are examples of omitted photographs, while all given images are finely retouched for color and detail.

How many images do we receive?

Your gallery of images will be downloadable and in hi-resolution, suitable for printing at any shop.

Do we also receive high-resolution files?

I travel around the world. Destination and international weddings is my main offering.

Where do you travel?

I accept a very small number of weddings per year. I want to be fully present at every wedding I shoot, and give all my attention to my couples, before, during, and after the wedding.

How many wedding commissions do you take?

You can count on me to collaborate closely with your wedding planner to develop a backup plan.

Do you make wet weather condigencies?

Because all events are different, I provide a made-to-measure service in which you may hand-craft your ideal Collection.

What is the investment in your services?

Frequently Asked Questions


All images are carefully picked, and we normally produce between 70 and 100 photographs for each hour of coverage.

How many photographs do you deliver?

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I serve discerning clients from over 20 countries, and also teach remarkable photographers all over the world, aiming to inspire a new generation of artists to build thriving brands and use their Art as a platform for positive change.

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