I've learnt a few things over the years of photography and entrepreneurship! Here are some of my favorite tools, apps, books, and podcasts to help you get started on your own path!

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Computational photography for beautiful bokeh

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Easy and robust video editor for videos on the move

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Find where the sun will be in the sky any time and day of the year

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cut story

Cuts longer videos into 15sec segments for instagram stories

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Visualise clouds and rain in realtime on-location

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i use & recommend


Up-to-date EU guidelines for travelling during Covid-19

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These are some of my top recommendations for anyone wanting to understand modern marketing.



The Icarus Deception

A book about embracing fear in our work, and striving to create art that matters.


Tiny actions cause giant reaction. Very powerful tricks, so use them for strictly for good.

The upside of irrationality

The hidden forces that shape our decisions. 


A beautiful (yet dense) account on the surprising effects of being connected in a society.

Business + Society

Green Lights

I love Matthew as an actor, but I love his story even more.

The story of Art

Perhaps the ultimate primer in the wonderful world of Art. Because we need to understand Art if we are to create it.

The Power of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is not the same as fear and shame. Valuable insights on vulnerability as the birthplace of creativity.

Pre-raphaelite sisters

Because the similarities between the Pre-Raphaelite movement and fine-art wedding photography will definitely surprise you!

Life, Culture + Art


PodBean is one of the simplest podcast hosts. This is where my own podcast is hosted. With my friends at PodBean we offer a month free if you use this link, or the code    AKGsentme


My absolute favorite for creating Album designs.


Carmencita is the premier film lab in Europe, and the dedicated film Lab for Andreas K. Georgiou.

Teaming-up with the right partners is the key to connecting my vision with my work, and ultimately providing a client experience that is as luxuriant as the imagery itself. 

 productivity tools

& partners

Collapsible backpack

This collapses in your luggage for when you need it.



I keep this in my camera bag. This way, I can locate both my bag and my wallet with the same airtag.



Que collapsible bottle

Perfect for travelling, this collapses to fit any bag.



I am a big fan of Voigtlander lenses for their modern construction and classic rendering.

Fujifilm GFX

My go-to medium format digital cameras


Peak Design

Their modular range of straps & accessories streamlines carrying my gear.


My favorite studio lighting equipment

Gear I rely on on-location and in the studio


I travel the globe photographing life’s important events, weddings, and editorial shoots. I care deeply for each couple's love story as a worthy and unique piece of art. My photography is intimate and fashion-forward, with a painterly old-world charm, and infused with meaning and a sense of purpose.

I serve discerning clients from over 20 countries, and also teach remarkable photographers all over the world, aiming to inspire a new generation of artists to build thriving brands and use their Art as a platform for positive change.

My work stems from an overwhelming desire to advocate for empathy, empowerment, and the spreading of kindness. I hope that by showing all the goodness that exists in the world, I might help make the world a bit better, ever so slightly, because I can imagine nothing more powerful than two humans in love!

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welcome, I 'm


spellbinding destinations.

Andreas uses a delicate combination of candid and editorial photography to narrate life's greatest events.

Adventurers, lovers, dreamers,

Exquisite images,


Day-of checklists

From bandaids to what to bring for detail-shots, these checklists are essential tools when planning a wedding. Couples, please feel free to use for your own wedding; photographers, please feel free to customise for your own couples.

for couples & photographers


customisable template

come & Join the conversation

A weekly podcast on modern marketing, and cultural change

Subscribing to the podcast on your favorite player is useful, because then you don't have to come back here every week. 

travel guides

Travel Guides

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Day-of checklists

From bandaids to what to bring for detail-shots, these checklists are essential tools when planning a wedding. Couples, please feel free to use for your own wedding; photographers, please feel free to customise for your own couples.

Join me on my adventures as I journal thoughts, develop travel guides, and offer destination wedding and photography advice. From the shores of Lake Como, the palaces of Sintra, and the foggy coastline of Ireland, to your inbox.

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