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My vision is to show the world how remarkable my couples are (inside and out)

...because I hope that by showing all the goodness that exists in the world, I might help make the world a bit better, ever so slightly.

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Andreas' photographs are as elegant as his soul is.
Elegant, classy, soft and romantic. And you want a photographer like this for your wedding, don’t you?

- Silvia Bargagni

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Ah, to marry in a Tuscan villa…well, we’re here to show you how at Cetinale dreams come true.

Enter the enthralling world of Chateau St Georges and transport straight into a magical wedding paradise

The golden light and white-washed alleyways of Santorini provided the perfect setting for this intimate American wedding.

A love story in the French Riviera’s most monumental villa, and a symbol of la Belle Epoque

A two-day wedding in Tuscany with exquisite florals in fall colors and plenty of salsa dancing!

Set in the pink Palace of Casa dos Penedos near Lisbon, among a lush forest and overflowing with whimsical florals

Overflowing with lush florals, vibrant colors, and breathtaking views against the rolling countryside and sparkling lakes

There’s something about the Duomo of Amalfi at sunset, with its stairs set ablaze as the fiery sunset illuminates the stone steps!

D&N’s two-day wedding in Tinos island.

From the traditional Persian ceremony to the fashion shoot in Carcassonne, this three-day wedding will have us talking for years.

Kelsey & Alex’s Dolce Vita wedding in the grand gallery of the historic Tuscan villa Pazzi

A sailboat wedding photoshoot painted in colours borrowed from the sea.

Xin and Daniel had only one thing in mind: to create an event with visual and emotional impact for their guests.

Whatever you expected Florence to be… it is so much more!

Pebbled streets, gothic architecture, and one of Tuscany’s most beautiful duomos!

Arianna & Fabio at the breathtaking Villa Cetinale

Fashion prewedding at chateau des Halles – Lyon, France

A ceremony at a whitewashed little church in the lively heart of Little Venice in Mykonos. 

The buoyant enjoyment of life, a swim in a crystal pool and a glass (or two) of Moët!

You should know upfront, this is not a love story. This is a story about love.

& editorial


Andreas images are infused with life. They're beautiful, but what truly grabs our attention is how he treats his subjects with effortless elegance and dignity by letting them be their true selves.

Perhaps my most meaningful photography, this was created when Art felt like the most powerful balm.

A fashion shoot exploring the corridor between fashion and wedding photography.

A fashion editorial with Millia London, surrounded by the seductive allure of Lake Como.

Joy Proctor’s impeccable aesthetic paid homage to Puglia’s rich natural beauty and its unpretentious charm.

Andreas' Wedding Photography is an invitation to travel into the sun itself: luminous, calm, sensual, and as eternal as the light he captured in order to create it:

A swathe of luminous landscape opening out in the morning’s sunlight!

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as seen on tv

Andreas' graceful gallery is an exceptional reflection of ourselves and everything we dreamed our wedding to be.

-G & M


I travel the globe photographing life’s important events, weddings, and editorial shoots. I care deeply for each couple's love story as a worthy and unique piece of art. My photography is intimate and fashion-forward, with a painterly old-world charm, and infused with meaning and a sense of purpose.

I serve discerning clients from over 20 countries, and also teach remarkable photographers all over the world, aiming to inspire a new generation of artists to build thriving brands and use their Art as a platform for positive change.

My work stems from an overwhelming desire to advocate for empathy, empowerment, and the spreading of kindness. I hope that by showing all the goodness that exists in the world, I might help make the world a bit better, ever so slightly, because I can imagine nothing more powerful than two humans in love!

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