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What is “Editorial Wedding Photography”? Everything you need to know in 4 points

If you’re planning your wedding, you may have encountered the phrase “editorial wedding photography” and found yourself wondering about its definition. As an editorial wedding photographer, I’m equipped to clarify this term for you!

In a nutshell, editorial wedding photography is a unique blend of photojournalism, narrative storytelling, and fashion photography, all with the objective of capturing the ambiance and sentiment of your wedding day in stunning, captivating images. It has gained popularity for luxury weddings as it offers a well-balanced fusion of candid, documentary-style photography, storytelling, and natural posing, as opposed to traditional wedding photography that often emphasizes rigid posing for the couple and wedding party. Editorial photographers strike a balance between being a fly on the wall and actively engaging with the event to ensure that they are present but unobtrusive.

Let’s explore in more detail!

1. Every couple’s individuality is recognised

The approach of an editorial photographer is not to “fit” the couple into their photography style, but rather to adapt their photography to the personality of the couple.

This means that, just like modern fashion photography, the bride and groom are naturally posed in ways that highlight their personalities and personal style, and the photographer can include details like the wedding dress, jewelry, and accessories to create a cohesive visual narrative.

2. Stories are multilayered.

As editorial photographers, we do not perceive a single narrative, but rather multiple interconnected stories. These stories all revolve around the primary narrative of the couple’s connection. The photographer will extract various threads that link the couple to the country, thereby constructing a geographic history. Of course, humans remain the most compelling story of all, as even the slightest interaction can be worth telling. Additionally, the photographer will craft a story about the heritage of the venue. And, by narrowing down to small details such as invitations and rings, the photographer will also highlight the couple’s aesthetic choices. Even the cake itself tells a story, from the panoramic image down to the minute details.

As editorial photographers, we do not perceive a single narrative, but rather multiple interconnected stories.

For an editorial photographer, there’s no definitive image to encapsulate the wedding. Instead, the event is depicted through a series of images that resemble a storyboard from a movie or a layout from a fashion magazine.

3. We take full advantage of natural light.

To remain inconspicuous, we steer clear of elaborate lighting arrangements and instead rely on natural light, picturesque surroundings, and creative compositions. In situations where natural light is unavailable, we employ the most compact flash units possible, enabling us to remain nimble and agile.

4. Experience is valued over “photography for the sake of photography”.

As editorial photographers, we are less of a “director” and more of a “curator” of poignant moments. The photographer takes a less-directive approach during the event and when capturing couple portraits. This may involve directing individuals towards emotionally-charged scenarios that elevate the experience of the day, and also add to the gallery, such as a father-daughter first look or the reveal of the dinner setup, as well as promote emotional interactions between the couple during couple photography (instead of asking them to stand in a static pose).

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