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Coping with Failure part 3: Who should you blame?

Who is to blame? Your value system? Your time-management skills? The system (“I am in wrong field/ country/ team”)?

You will never know the answer with certainty. You can guess, but the true answer will always remain outside anyone’s conceptual structure.

The easiest thing to do would be to blame the system.

Once you go down that path, then you are left with two dark choices: A. To become resentful of the world (the route that racists or misogynists take). B. To give up. Mistreat your body, neglect your mind, quit on your dreams.

So, what would you choose? A or B?

Thankfully, there is a third choice. To accept. To accept that you failed and there isn’t more to it. It’s hard to do, because it is easier to act shuttered, ashamed, or bitter – as if failing was inconceivable in the first place. It’s not: if you dared to dream of 6 impossible things before breakfast, then there is good chance 5 or more will likely fail. Failure is the twin of creativity.

To fail is almost never fatal. Unless we make it so.

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