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For Photographers

A heartfelt message

Greetings fellow photographer,

I have faith in the kindness and camaraderie of our artistic community and my wholehearted wish is for everyone to succeed and create art that matters. At the same time, I know it is only natural that photographers are curious about other photographers’ pricing structures and processes.

Kindly remember:

  • When one submits a fake inquiry, they are taking away precious time I could be using to create more free educational resources.
  • Spam inquiries only perpetuate a toxic culture that impacts everyone.
  • Merely knowing my prices won’t benefit a fellow creative. Our work is Art, and in Art, prices hold minimal significance. We don’t offer a commodity service where pricing is the sole determining factor. The goal is to have couples choose us based on their admiration of our art and our personality, regardless of the cost. Engaging in a pricing competition would only lead to a race to the bottom.

Taking personal responsibility in the matter, I acknowledge the absence of educational approaches that encourage deep understanding of the cultural aspects of our business, as well as encouraging a fundamental mindset shift. This is why I have developed a range of FREE educational resources for photographers and I promise to do even more to help our community.

Thank you for your understanding,


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