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These are some of my top recommendations for anyone wanting to understand modern marketing.



The Icarus Deception

A book about embracing fear in our work, and striving to create art that matters.


Tiny actions cause giant reaction. Very powerful tricks, so use them for strictly for good.

The upside of irrationality

The hidden forces that shape our decisions. 


A beautiful (yet dense) account on the surprising effects of being connected in a society.

Business + Society

Green Lights

I love Matthew as an actor, but I love his story even more.

The story of Art

Perhaps the ultimate primer in the wonderful world of Art. Because we need to understand Art if we are to create it.

The Power of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is not the same as fear and shame. Valuable insights on vulnerability as the birthplace of creativity.

Pre-raphaelite sisters

Because the similarities between the Pre-Raphaelite movement and fine-art wedding photography will definitely surprise you!

Life, Culture + Art



My entire career has been one in pursuit of meaning and purpose. After my research career at the Universities of Cambridge and Harvard, I had a high-flying career in international high-tech, and then led the digital department of a multimillion marketing firm. I also taught primary school children seeking asylum from the war in the middle East. Today, after 4 careers, I am happy my life is dedicated to capturing life’s greatest events in the most meaningful manner, and to teaching remarkable photographers discover their vision and lead a life fuelled by a sense of purpose.

My work stems from my overwhelming desire to advocate for empathy, empowerment, and the spreading of kindness. I hope that by showing all the goodness that exists in the world, I might help make the world a bit better, ever so slightly. I can imagine nothing more powerful than two humans in love!

My passion and vision is to help YOU create a thriving brand you can be proud of; a brand with lasting positive impact.


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glorious romance.

Epic trails,

Experiences of wellness, culture, everyday aesthetics and mindfulness to inspire and empower your own journey.

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