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Kelsey and Alex's pre-wedding in

Kelsey & Alex - Tuscany, Italy


Kelsey and Alex's Pre-wedding photoshoot in Florence

It is more than likely that you will arrive in Florence with some idea of what to expect. I can promise that whatever you expected Florence to be, it is so much more!

One would think that the busy hub of the Tuscan city would restrict photography to the very early hours of the morning when the streets are devoid of visitors. During my photoshoots in Florence, however, I realised that instead of disconnecting my couple from the city, I actually love immersing them in it. A beautiful pair in the forefront of the city's people going about their daily lives has a real, raw, and atmospheric quality to it. In a way, it emphasizes the couple's togetherness as they disregard the rest of the world while still making them a part of the city.

A stroll through the city of Florence is indeed much like walking though the pages of a fashion magazine!

Walking through the city of Florence is like walking through a fashion magazine.



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