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There is breathtaking beauty in how a wedding day reveals itself. The priceless alchemy of human connection, with the window light caressing the curve of a cheekbone.

We'll diligently plan for months ahead of time to ensure that all of the stars align properly on your wedding day. Starting with this brief primer, you can count on my expert advice at every turn.

Advice for your wedding

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Begin with the sunset time

Start with the sunset time, and schedule backwards in 2-hour slots. E.g. estimate that ceremony should typically be 2 hours before sunset, and Bridal Prep 2 hours behind the ceremony's beginning.

It's best to schedule your ceremony to end about 1-2 hours before sunset so that I can capture beautiful family and couple photographs in natural soft light. I'll collaborate with your wedding planner to establish a timeline that maximizes the amount of light available.

The Timeline

The best advise I can give when it comes to arranging a wedding day timeline is to include in some extra time. The simplest tasks might often take an extra 20 minutes, causing the entire morning to be thrown off. There are a lot of things to consider while organizing a wedding day, so here are some suggestions.

The choice of Bridal portraits room

Please keep in mind that you are not confined to the bedroom when choosing a suite for your Bridal Portraits. Any space with white walls, huge windows, and little clutter would suffice. Take into account the room's size and the backdrop. I am able to produce stunning photographs with soft light because the wedding room has a huge window. Another piece of advice is to have your HMU in a room other than the one you use for Bridal Portraits to minimize unneeded clutter.

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"The Rule of Twos"











Gather the details

It's possible to capture a lot of important photos before the ceremony, if you opt to have a First Look. It's understandable if you'd prefer spend your cocktail hour with your guests than shooting portrait photographs. The First Look gives you the opportunity to cover the couple shoot before the ceremony, allowing you to enjoy the cocktail party with your guests.

Invitation suite, Dress, veil, Hairpieces, Rings (all three), Shoes, Boutonnieres, Jewelry, Perfume,  Borrowed & blue

Pre-wedding matters

Not too long ago, engagement photographs were unimaginative affairs. But, believing with Peter Adams that a photograph is about depth of feeling rather than depth of field, we are now free to roam more widely, dream more vividly, and tell truer love stories.

Not only are engagement photoshoots fun, but they're also a great way for us to get to know each other, as well as try out your makeup and hairstyle.

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The day begins with the details. The details set the stage for the look of the whole wedding. I will be sending you plenty of information and ideas on what you need to have ready for me before I arrive.

Create an experience for your guests

By working closely with your planner you can create a magical experience for you and your guests, one that goes beyond a "typical" wedding.  Discuss with your wedding planner about how you can keep your guests engages and moving. If you have a lot of senior visitors who won't be remaining until the end, make sure the cake cutting happens early enough for them to participate. Grandmothers like this sweet custom!

There is no such thing as a normal wedding; this magnificent day is solely yours. Make it a reflection of who you are rather than a nod to convention. Make a special dance with your grandparents if you want to! Tip: if there are any songs you really do not want to hear during your reception, give your DJ or band a "Do Not Play" list.

Make it your own

Trust in your team

Last but not least, a great wedding planner can help you design a unique event that reflects your personality and offer a memorable experience for your guests. I collaborate closely with your planner to manage various details, including the schedule, so that on the day of the shoot I can focus entirely on capturing stunning photographs. If you need any vendor suggestions, I'd be happy to share some of my favorites with you.

I strongly advise you to work with a videgrapher who has experience working with a fine-art/ editorial photographer. The entire day will be streamlined, and the timeline will be considerably more efficient as a result. Instead of working in different time periods, the photographer and cinematographer should ideally work together. Please do not hesitate to ask for recommendations for fantastic cinematographers.

The First Look


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What we loved the most is how Andreas treated us with dignity by letting us be who we really are.



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