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Apulian Wedding in the Bride's ancestral Palace

Margherita & Giovanni

Two-day PALACE wedding in PUGLIA

A Wedding Beyond Time and Tradition

In the heart of Puglia, amidst the ancient walls of the bride's ancestral Palace, a place that bore witness to the legacy of one of Puglia's old, and influential families.

A story unfolded here that was more than just a wedding. It was a cultural festival, a journey into heritage, and a spiritual awakening all rolled into one.

PHOTOGRAPHY : ANDREAS K. GEORGIOU | CINEMATOGRAPHY : Matteo Castelluccia | Concept & Design : Postcardperfect Weddings | HMU : ANTONELLA MACALUSO | Catering : bonton_eventi | FLOWERS : Nunzia Guerino florist | Chandelier and fUrnitures : Che Scena | Lights & Audio : giolighting | ViolinistS : Le Muse | Dj : Lorenzo Fassi | Sax : Alox | STREET BAND : vagaband street band | PIZZICA DANCERS : | GROOM’S ATTIRE : eurasia since 1981

As someone who's always held a deep love for Italy, Puglia felt like a homecoming. It was as if Puglia and my island of Cyprus have converged here. A rich tapestry of shared experiences, traditions, and even the familiar strains of an old Greek dialect sung in Apulian folk songs, reminded me that the human experience knows no geographical bounds.

And so, against the backdrop of Puglia's enchanting landscapes, I found myself humbled by the depth of human connection. In this Italian wedding that was more than just an event, but almost a cultural festival - a tribute to heritage - I discovered a piece of myself, a piece that resonated the spirit of this land. It was an experience that etched its mark to the degree of spiritual awakening, leaving me forever changed and grateful for being invited to photograph such a meaningful life event.

In the end, as the echoes of celebration faded into the chambers of the Palace, I was left with a profound understanding: This wasn't just a wedding in Puglia; this was a reminder that we are all part of a larger story, woven together by the threads of history, culture, and love. What a blessing to have been there!

A Prologue

from the heart

A wedding is not merely about the aesthetics or the spectacle; it's about the threads of humanity that we all share, the connections that bind us across cultures and generations.

Every corner of the Palace breathed the air of centuries past, where time itself seemed to stand still, and generations of memories whispered in the wind. It was as if the very essence of Puglia flowed through the veins of each guest, creating a sense of unity that transcended the boundaries of time.



The atmosphere was charged with an indescribable energy, a jubilation that transcended the everyday, forging a connection between the present and the family's prestigious history—an ancestral legacy stretching over five centuries, and which has left an unmistakable mark on the "heel" of Italy.

Eternal Echoes of Puglia 

An all-time favorite portrait capturing the essence of a mother and her daughter's bond.




As the couple knelt in prayer, seeking blessings for their journey ahead, the cathedral's walls seemed to hold their hopes and dreams. The echoes of prayers that had been whispered in these sacred spaces for generations intertwined with the couple's own whispered promises.

This was a continuation of a legacy, a continuation of a tradition that had been passed down through the ages, a link to the past, a thread that bound the family's story together across the expanse of history.







The aromas of Puglian cuisine wafted through the air. The pizzicas, the frenzied music that echoed through the night, were not just notes; they were the heartbeat of a land that has seen countless celebrations, tragedies, and triumphs - a cascade of energy that pulled everyone into an invitation to partake in the magic that was as authentic as the very soil upon which they stood.




"fire of love"

Focu d' amore!

Pizzicas, those spirited and rhythmically charged dances, are not merely steps and spins; they are the heartbeat of a culture, the embodiment of a history. Rooted deep within the soil of Southern Italy, they originated as a form of therapeutic release from the bite of a spider, the tarantula, these dances have transformed into a vibrant celebration of life, love, and the sheer vitality of existence. As the dancers whirl and sway to the frenetic melodies, they rekindle the fires of ancient rituals, invoking both healing and unadulterated joy. Pizzicas are the living tapestry of a people's resilience, an echoing testament to the power of music and movement to transcend hardship and unite communities in a dance that defies time itself.

to the beat of the tamburello





The party took place beneath the grandeur of the Palace's halls, in the dimly lit basement. This transformed into a jubilant fusion of cultures and generations, with the pulsating beats of modern music!



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