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Aegean Enchantment

cyclades • Tinos Island, Greece

Two-day wedding in the Cyclades, Tinos island

Two-day wedding in the Cyclades - Tinos island, Greece

Crisp salty tang, glowing yachts and Love in the Aegean

On a clear day, the Cyclades shine like a jewel in the Aegean Sea. With their gentle hills and sandy beaches, it is no wonder that couples from all over the world come here to tie the knot.

Concept & Design : MBW Events | Photography : Andreas K. Georgiou | Film lab : Carmencita Film Lab | Cinematography : Panayiotis Kastanides | gown: Mira Zwillinger | Flowers : Studio 7 | Welcome entertainment : smooth mood project | Audiovisual : Sound Good GR | Furniture : Zazoo Event Rentals | Tableware : White Lilac Rentals | Artwork : Bright White Design | Wedding cake : Poulette Cake Design | Fireworks : Nanos Fireworks | Shoes : Aquazzura | Dj : Lekopoulos Panos | Event Logistics : FSD Event Logistics


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Welcome cocktail

The hillside villa bathed in golden evening light as the sun melted away over the horizon. With the pool shimmering like a glass mirror, it made for an ideal setting for D&N's prewedding cocktail party and its lucky guests. The timelessness and beauty of such moments will forever remain etched in their hearts. As they welcomed their guests beneath the tangerine skies, one could feel nothing but love and joy radiating from them.






Our Groom's preparations with his bestmen around the infinity pool was truly an unforgettable experience. Framed by the glimmering bay the bestmen were determined to make it a fun-filled session! After gathering near the pool, they started with a dip in the calm waters. It was definitely the best prelude to the exciting day lying ahead!

& his preparations with his 9 bestmen




The sound of sprightly music, the gentle rays of sunshine cascading through a bright sky, and the crisp salty tang of the Aegean filling the air all created an exciting atmosphere and palpable anticipation. With her mother and bridesmaids at her side, dressed in matching white robes, she eagerly awaited her special day. With views of endless blues as far as the eye could see, it was nothing short of spectacular.

It's worth noting that the cushion used to for the "stefana" (traditional Greek wedding crowns), as seen in the flatlays, was commissioned specifically for the wedding and incorporates all styles of "kentito" (needle work) from the renowned ancient village of Lefkara on the small island of Cyprus.




The gentle lapping of the waves against the shore and sound of sailing bells ringing in harmony created a truly beautiful ambiance that lingered long after the ceremony ended.


the traditional



As the bride and groom exchanged vows, the guests' yachts, moored in the bay, chimed their bells in celebration.

It was a scene unlike any other -  a serene and picturesque setting for an unforgettable day.

Glowing yachts & breath-taking fireworks



Dinner by the beach is always a special treat and pairing it with the beauty of fairylights at night took it to the next level! With each wave that washed up against the shore, the guests were serenaded by an enchanting experience. The bay nearby was illuminated with yachts and gave off a magical ambiance as their sails glowed in the starry sky. The fireworks show was absolutely breathtaking and the dance floor was packed until dawn!


The couple's pre-wedding session took place on a sand-dune beach on another small island, Cypus. Buster was more than happy to join in on all the fun, and it was clear from the look in his eyes that he was having just as much fun as his human friends.

Sand Dunes

with Buster as a special guest!


at the

Behind-the-scenes moments in-between, captured on 35mm film.

The amazing planning team the day coordinating last minute details with the couple & their family.

Behind the scenes


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