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Hannah and Michael's

Dreamy Parisian photoshoot

Wedding photoshoot at the Louvre, Paris

Hannah and Michael's Dreamy  Parisian Photoshoot at the Louvre

Hannah and Michael's photoshoot began at the Louvre  just as the sun was rising. The soft light of dawn illuminated the iconic pyramid, providing an ideal backdrop for their photographs. As the morning progressed, they made their way to a quiet sidestreet facing the Eiffel Tower, which culminated in a breathtaking view of the city with the Eiffel Tower in the background and the city spread out before them from the terrace of the Pullman Hotel.

Paris has always elicited feelings of love. It pervades the city's arrondissements (districts), where adoring couples lounge in manicured gardens, dine at candlelit wine bars, and stroll along the Seine arm-in-arm at sunset.

The first rays of sun peek over the horizon have an inherently magical quality to them. And where better to witness this miraculous moment than at the Louvre, one of the world's most romantic and enchanting destinations? The Louvre, with its majestic arches and towering columns, is a symbol of timeless love and beauty, and being there at dawn, when the crowds are still sleeping, is an unforgettable experience.

The sound of the camera shutter clicking breaks the morning silence, forever capturing this precious moment in time. As the sky turns pink to gold and the sun rises higher in the sky, you are filled with awe and wonder at the beauty of the world around you, as well as the love that you share.


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