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Fashion is not about luxury. Hermès never uses the word, nor does Porsche. An in-depth analysis of many fashion/luxury brands reveals a paradoxical absence of the word “luxury”.  The word “luxury” is connected with scarcity and exclusivity, thus being the privilege of a very specific demographic. But clever fashion/luxury brands do not want to limit […]


This is a Special Episode – it is a partial narration of my FREE Pocket book for Second Photographers.


– Can Ai replace Artists?
– Can Ai replace photographers?
– What does it mean to be an Artist?


Exclusivity: The bravery to choose to speak to the sensibilities of only a few instead of all. We live in the world of niche. There is a magazine dedicated to water! A blog dedicated to growing succulents! A magazine on raising… emus! And one about miniature donkeys. Something exclusive is not exclusionary. It is razor-sharp […]


Even if your business is not a white-glove type of brand, you still need to define what “Luxury” means to you. In fact even more so. Because when you remove the simplicity of exchanging a product with a large lump of money, then you have to exchange a product with a good story.


In 1948 John Cage conceived a composition that consisted of nothing else but 4’ and 33” of silence, or more precisely, the absence of intended sounds, and only ambient sound.  Execution-wise, it could have been performed by untrained musicians. Innovation-wise, silence is hardly new. There is silence before every concert – all that Cage did […]


Industry means depersonalising and replacing human agency with processes, policies, efficiency and replication. This is the definition of industry.  The wedding “industry” occasionally focuses more on the industry part, not the wedding part. I have been lucky this year to have worked only with creatives who focus on the wedding part. This is the people […]


Would you tip the same if the tip-jar was hidden from anyone’s view?Maybe you would. But most people wouldn’t. Because, like walkathons, bikeathons, or fun runs, tipping is not just about the money, but about how it makes us feel. It is about the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. And it all comes down […]


The answer has little to do with whether people are paying you for what you do. I think the most appreciable distinction between a true professional and an amateur is this:A professional is presenting a self (consistently and deliberately), while an amateur is revealing the self they feel like being in the moment. Imagine the […]


On one hand there are those clients who want you to do the standard. On the other side of the spectrum there are the clients who challenge you to do better work, are proud they hired you and they trust you enough to allow you the benefit to disagree with them. How do we get less of the first and more of the second?


In a world of black headphones, why did Apple decide to go with white? And what can this teach us in the wedding industry? This episode is about social epidemics – or, why some services manage to spread where others don’t.


Good Marketing helps others become who they seek to become by giving them a place to belong in. Marketing, since its inception, has been making great use of status, which is humans’ constant effort to move up and down the ladder. And there are essentially two fundamentally different ways to do this. The first is by tapping on people’s need to dominate: to be smarter, prettier, more powerful. The second is by giving people a place to belong. Which one will you choose?


“Being authentic” is one of the most used phrases when it comes to branding. But what is “authenticity”? If authenticity is “the revealing of one’s true self” then, then, perhaps a better question would be 1. Is there ever a true self?; and 2. Do people even want to see it?


Originality sounds like a noble pursuit because all great thinkers appear to have been original. But is that true at all? If more of us acknowledged that originality is a flawed and over-glorified concept, the more we would feel safe to create. Our job, our mission, is to improve the familiar.


If you have been considering re-designing your new website then this post is just for you! I’d want to walk you through everything that went through my mind when creating my new website, in the hopes that it will be useful to you on your own path.


I strongly believe in generosity as the cornerstone of being of service. Generosity is one of those transactions that can be easily misunderstood. Generosity is not offering things cheaper. This is not the kind of generosity I am talking about. Generosity is a the act of giving a finite resource you possess to someone else without expecting anything in return. With no agenda, except to delight and offer a better alternative.



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