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🎧 S1E6 – Getting Great Clients

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On one hand there are those clients who want you to do the standard. The safe. Their expectations have been normalised by the average mainstream market so much that they cannot even perceive any possibility to achieve anything beyond the average. On the other side of the spectrum there are the clients who challenge you to do better work, they talk about you and your work, are proud they hired you and they trust you enough to allow you the benefit to disagree with them – to right to say “you hired me for a reason and you need to trust me”.

How do we get less of the first and more of the second?

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Some of Brancoprata’s work

What my dear friends Andre and Sofia of BrancoPrata call creative exercises, is a very effective way to demonstrate greatness without being constrained by a limiting brief. They will come up with a creative exercise that demonstrates all the elements of good taste and, without having necessarily any specific client commissioning the project, they will imagine and create a project that is totally unconstrained by a limiting client brief.




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