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3-day Wedding & pre-wedding • france

3-day Persian wedding in the South of France

A 3-day Persian Chateau wedding in south of France

This is one wedding you won't want to miss!

From the pre-wedding at the Carcassone Citadel to the welcome dinner with traditional French cuisine and the traditional Persian ceremony, this wedding will have us talking for years to come. And don't even get us started on the fashion! The bride, a stylist by trade, certainly did not disappoint with her choice of a flowy blue Millia London and Tatyana Kochnova gowns.

It's worth noting that the bride's first own is her mother's own wedding silk gown. A candlelit dinner followed and the party then moved outside to the chateau's pool, where some guests took a dip despite the cold weather!

CINEMATOGRAPHY : Pascal Délé Filmaker | PHOTOGRAPHY : ANDREAS K. GEORGIOU | FLORALS : LA MAISON DAUTEL | GOWNS : tatyana kochnova, MILLIA LONDON & traditional persian silk gown | SHOES : RENE CAOVILLA | hair & Makeup artist : alex smith hair | venue: chateau st. joseph | FILM LAB : CARMENCITA FILM LAB


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Welcome dinner

The welcome dinner took place at the chateau and featured traditional French cuisine and cheeses. The bride and groom spent time greeting and chatting with their guests, many of whom had traveled from far and wide to attend the festivities. 


The wedding ceremony followed traditional Persian customs. The ceremony included a tradition known as "aghd," in which the bride's family presented her with gifts. During the ceremony, the couple sat in front of a table decorated with candy and flowers, as is customary. A silk shawl was draped over the bride and groom's heads, and two sugar cones made of hardened sugar were ground over their heads.



Moments in-between, captured on 35mm B&W film. The last one is of amazing cinematographer Pascal Dele and myself caught in an impromptu moment captured by the groom!

The final day of the wedding began with a brunch held at the chateau's park. It was a beautiful setting for a farewell meal with friends and family before everyone went their separate ways. 

This 3-day Persian Wedding in this French Chateau is one that you will definitely want to bookmark for future reference. From the stunning location to the fashion to the delicious food, everything about this wedding was absolutely perfect. We hope that this post has given you some inspiration for your own upcoming nuptials!




When you think of a medieval city, what comes to mind? Stone walls, narrow streets, and a castle overlooking it all? If that's what you're thinking of, then you're thinking of Carcassonne. This fortified city in the south of France has been around since pre-Roman times, and its well-preserved citadel is a popular tourist destination.


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