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A wedding in Le Petit Versailles - Côte d'Azur

Wedding inspiration At Chateau st. Georges - Le Petit versailles - French Riviera

No matter your expectations, a Riviera chateau celebration transcends all weddings before it!

Enter the fantastical world of Chateau St Georges – an elaborate 18th century castle that holds the power to whisk you away from the dreariness of everyday life and transport you straight into a magical wedding paradise. Surrounded by endless panoramas of golden hills, groves of blossoming trees, and gold-gilded interiors, a wedding here is like stepping onto a movie set or straight out of fairytale. Where else can your heart be so captivated?

Photographed during the workshop i co-hosted in the French Riviera

Venu e: chateau saint georges | Workshop Host : amv retreats | Planning :  amv weddings | Workshop Educators : andreas k georgiou lucy munoz, katie grant,  love story films. style me pretty| Behind the Scenes Photo : sarah stefani | Behind the Scenes Video: stephane m. films | Florist : la blonde et le barbu design | Furniture/Tabletop Rentals : joli bazaar | Hair & Makeup :  bym adeline eleanor | Cake :  monika kos sweets | Catering : traiteur ruth williams | Stationary :  laura elizabeth patrick | Groom’s Attire : bucco couture | Linens :  house of hough & tablecloth co | Shoes : something bleu | Rings :  victor barbone jeweLElry | Styling Accessories: the curated trove | Styling Mats : chasing stone | Accessories : megan therese couture
Ceremony Gown: @vivienneparisbride @heracouture
Reception Gown: @madebride
Bride & Groom: @milan_model_couple

The sun shone brightly on the glorious day, as the ceremony was set under the chateau's Venus temple that overlooked the bright blue sea. The columns were intertwined with masterful florals of roses. With its serene setting and breathtaking views, it was a truly magical place for two hearts to be joined together in love. 



This magnificent 1 Château is located in the lovely hillside town of Grasse, just minutes from world-famous perfumeries. The Château, dubbed "Le Petit Versailles," is a southern France monument erected by a well-known perfumer.

Château St Georges is known as "Little Versailles" because it is a scaled-down version of France's Palace of Versailles. From 1682 to 1790, the Palace of Versailles served as the seat of the French royal and is known for its beauty and richness. Château St Georges is a smaller, more humble replica of the Palace of Versailles, yet it is nonetheless a stunning structure. In fact, its interiors were restored by the same crew that worked on the Versailles renovation.

in the interiors of "Le Petit Versailles"

Home to some of France's most luxurious venues Cote d' Azur provides an elegant setting for some of the world's dreamiest weddings

French Riviera

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