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Luxury Wedding at the Mogul Indian palace of Sezincote -Cotswolds, UK

Wedding in Sezincote Manor in the Cotswolds with florals by All for Love London - UK

Escape into another world  overflowing with lush florals, vibrant colors, and breathtaking views against the Cotswolds' rolling countryside and sparkling lakes!

I had the pleasure of photographing this luxury wedding inspiration while teaching photographers from all over the world during our Cotswolds photographers' retreat. It was nothing short of extraordinary.

Photography : Andreas K. Georgiou | Venue : Sezincote House | Workshop Host : AMV Retreats | Wedding Planner, Styling + Design : AMV Weddings | Floral Design : All for Love | Workshop Educators: ANDREAS K. GEORGIOU, Sophie Kaye, Katie Julia | Furniture Rentals : Raj Tent Club | Tabletop Rentals : Bailey Events | the bailey stableware company | Hair/Makeup: chloe gh bridal on behalf of botias hair and makeup | Accessories : Botias Accessories | Cakes : Monika Kos | Dress : Alon Livne | Cocktail Display : The Cocktail Service | Stationary : Pale Press London | Linens : House of Hough | Groom’s Attire : Bucco Couture | Styling Mats : Olive & Oak | Shoes : Something Bleu | Jewelry : Victor Barbone | Flat lay Styling : Sophie Kaye Photography

When designing an exotic flower arrangement to match the grandeur of the Sezincote House, it was critical to think outside the box in order to complement the estate's stone exterior and lush green gardens. Celebrity floral artist All For Love, employed vibrant hues like blue, orange, and yellow, and integrated flowers in varied shades and textures to give the arrangements depth, all tied together with dazzling gold embellishments and vintage blue china. A superb huge arch, typical of All For Love's style, was set in front of the Islamic Garden, with Sezincote House in the background.

with All For Love's ingenious florals



The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Senzicote House is romance. This charming 17th century manor house is a timeless symbol of beauty and elegance, nestled in the picturesque Sussex countryside. From its white stone facade to its sprawling green gardens, Senzicote House is the perfect setting for a magical wedding day. Let us take you on a romantic journey through this beautiful venue. 

Nestled in the hills of the Cotswolds, a region of deep history and beauty, lies Sezincote House. Built in 1806, this magnificent building is a stunning example of a Mogul Indian palace, featuring intricate details and grandiose proportions. It is no surprise that this majestic place has been used as the setting for many film and television productions.



Sezincote House makes a breathtaking first impression with its stunning façade of delicate stonework and colorful cupolas. The interior is just as impressive. Open up the doors to discover an awe-inspiring inner courtyard, complete with a beautiful pool surrounded by lush plants and trees. Inside the house itself you will find even more marvels to behold—luxurious rooms adorned with artwork from faraway places like India, China and Japan; grand staircases leading up to opulent bedrooms; hallways lined with ancient artifacts; all together creating an atmosphere of enchantment and splendor.  
The gardens that surround Sezincote House are equally as mesmerizing. Lush meadows stretch out for miles, dotted with small ponds and winding pathways that lead to romantic hideaways perfect for wedding photos or family gatherings. And during summertime, visitors can get lost in fields of wildflowers that seem to burst forth with vibrant color at every turn. 


I travel the globe photographing life’s important events, weddings, and editorial shoots. I care deeply for each couple's love story as a worthy and unique piece of art. My photography is intimate and fashion-forward, with a painterly old-world charm, and infused with meaning and a sense of purpose.

I serve discerning clients from over 20 countries, and also teach remarkable photographers all over the world, aiming to inspire a new generation of artists to build thriving brands and use their Art as a platform for positive change.

My work stems from an overwhelming desire to advocate for empathy, empowerment, and the spreading of kindness. I hope that by showing all the goodness that exists in the world, I might help make the world a bit better, ever so slightly, because I can imagine nothing more powerful than two humans in love!

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