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Two-day wedding at Villa Le Fontanelle

Tuscant • Italy

When Italian charm & Cuban passion met

M&C, Two-day wedding in Villa le Fontanelle - Tuscany, Italy

"It was two days of pure magic."

That's how M&C describe their wedding at Villa le Fontanelle, a picturesque villa nestled in the hills of Tuscany. For this couple from California, tying the knot in Italy was a dream come true, and they couldn't have been more thrilled with how everything turned out. From the emotional ceremony to the late-night dancing, every moment was simply perfect. Here's a glimpse into their beautiful destination wedding!

Concept & Design : GLAM EVENTS IN TUSCANY |  Photography : Andreas K. Georgiou | Venue : villa le fontanelle | Flowers : flowers living | Catering :  galateo ricevimenti | Stationery : la precisina | Video : Miramar films | Dress : alyssa kristin bridal | Earnings : maria elena headpieces | Music : matthew the dj | Film lab : Carmencita Film Lab

Welcome cocktail

The Italian lifestyle is as charming as it is captivating. In Tuscany, in particular, love is celebrated in all of its forms, from the beauty of the Renaissance to the vibrant culture that pulses through its picturesque streets. Where classic Gelato and robust wines fill your heart and soul with delicious delight. Where music radiates through the air like a bright ray of sunshine, beckoning you to come alive and share in the joy of living life to the fullest. Here is where M&C's celebrations began! Guests were welcomed with a special cocktail reception at an upscale restaurant in the city center filled with deliciously crafted cocktails and delicious Italian cuisine.

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to Italian charm

Le Fontanelle


Villa Le Fontanelle is a sight to behold - a Tuscan villa surrounded by rolling golden hills and fragrant cypress trees. Sweeping olive groves lay beyond the ancient terracotta walls while a breathtaking view of Florence with Brunelleschi's Dome lies at its feet.




The floating spectacle of the exquisite flower arch was a sight to behold. Glorious in its craftsmanship (as is always expected from Flowers Living), with fall colors and fragrances that filled the air, it marked the beginning of the ceremonious union between two souls. Its presence alone signified undying love and commitment—not only to each other, but to those who shared in their joy as they stepped hand-in-hand beneath it. As family and friends showered them with affection and well wishes, it was a special reminder of the beauty and power of love, blessing all present with a feeling of harmony and celebration.



Serenading with centuries-old Italian cuisine and Tuscan wine


the starlit

Italian cuisine is practically poetry on a plate. Lovingly prepared from the freshest, most locally sourced ingredients, it is a time-honored way of nourishing oneself. Rich in flavor and fragrant with herbs, it has been serenading taste buds for centuries - every recipe carrying a story of its own, shaped over generations and passed down through family lines. In addition, the best wine in the world, like an elixir sent from heaven, is made right here. In these vineyards, artfully intertwined with the rolling hillsides and peaceful forests, is produced something special - wine that warms the heart and soothes the soul. This delicious liquid takes us back to simpler times while simultaneously pointing towards horizons unmatched in beauty.

The long outdoor candlelit table was lit with romantic chandeliers that glinted with starry sparkles as the guests enjoyed authentic Italian dishes and lively conversations were created with each sip of a luscious red or crisp white.

The guests watched in amazement as a chef wheeled in a stunning millefoglie cake  (translated to "a thousand layers") right in front of them. The cake was constructed live with layers of Chantilly cream, puff pastry, and fresh berries, creating an elegant yet whimsical design, all dusted with powdered sugar for a dramatic finish.



wedding cake

¡la fiesta! 


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