Enchanting Splendor at Villa Gamberaia

Deirdre & Zachary

Two-day wedding in TUSCANY - VILLA GAMBERAIA

Enchanting splendor in Tuscany

Unveiling the Grandeur and Elegance of Zach and Deirdre's Two-day Celebrations at Villa Olmi and Villa Gamberaia

Concept & Design : ANNABEVENTS | Photography: andreas k. georgiou | CINEMATOGRAPHY : urania wedding films | Florist : giardino delle fate flower design | Venue :  villa gamberaia | WELCOME PARTY VENUE : VILLA OLMI |  Catering & rentals : italian taste lodovichi | Music, lighting & sound: aptitude band | H&MUA : your beauty team | Stationery : tuscan lab | Bride's gown: monique lhuillier via white house bride, NJ | Bride's second dress : vintage paco rabanne | WELCOME PARTY DRESS : selezza london | Bridemaids dresses: revelry | Groom's tuxedo : indochino | FILM LAB: CARMENCITA




at Villa Olmi

In the exquisite setting of Villa Olmi, Zach and Deirdre's welcome party unfurled like a tapestry woven with elegance and charm. Inside the villa, every detail had been thoughtfully orchestrated to evoke an atmosphere of refined sophistication. Tables, resplendent in pristine white linens, were adorned with exquisite centerpieces, all combined in olfactory harmony. Indeed, the air carried an aura of anticipation and celebration. As the evening unfolded, guests reveled in a culinary feast that echoed the elegance of the surroundings.



at Villa Gamberaia


Amidst the preparations, the atmosphere unfolded like a multi-layered symphony of joy. 

First, in the beautiful bridal suite, Deirdre's bridesmaids indulged in sips of champagne. As the time drew near, a hushed reverence descended upon the grand hall of Villa Gamberaia. Deirdre shared a first look with her bridesmaids, capturing a fleeting moment of heartfelt emotions, which culminated in a tableau that could grace the cover of Vanity Fair or stand as a modern-day Renaissance painting, immortalizing the beauty and essence of this pivotal moment.

Among this grandeur and elegance, another tender and sentimental moment unfolded. A father's love, pure and unconditional, took center stage as Deirdre shared a heartfelt first look with her father. The weight of their bond and the significance of the impending union hung palpably in the air. As a father myself, I understand the profound emotions that envelop such a moment—a blend of pride, nostalgia, and a love that transcends time and space.




Gamberaia's renown has extended its embrace even to distinguished figures of royal lineage. HRH King Charles, renowned for his profound affinity for horticulture, graced the gardens with his presence alongside the late Princess Diana. The villa holds a special place in the hearts of nobility, welcoming the esteemed Queen Beatrix of Holland and other revered members of Europe's royal houses.



First Look




The ceremony took place among the towering cypress trees of the Grotto, in front of the grand facade weathered by time with its stoic grace, juxtaposed against the gentle floral arrangements by talented Giardino delle Fate and coordinated by master event planner AnnaB Events .

↑ The cocktail party before and after the ceremony

Prepare to embark on a culinary odyssey, where elegance and epicurean delights converge in a symphony of exquisite flavors and visual splendor.

At D&Z's fine dining experience, the tablescapes themselves are transformed into veritable works of art, adorned with delicate accents, resplendent tableware, and a captivating dance of soft candlelight. Hanging chandeliers cast their glow, casting a mesmerizing spell upon the scene, beckoning guests to indulge in an immersive multisensory experience.







The cake was created live before the eager eyes of the guests - layer upon layer of crisp pastry, lavishly adorned with luscious cream and an abundance of succulent berries.

The resplendent fireworks display illuminated the celestial canvas, a spectacle of vibrant colors and ephemeral beauty. Wonder and magic converged as the melody of Puccini's timeless masterpiece, "Nessun Dorma" from Turandot, resonated through the air.




Behind the scenes

The photograph on the left was taken by my wife, Alexia, while the second was taken by a guest using a disposable B&W film camera I gave the guests during the party! Some of my favorite photos come from that disposable camera!


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