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Two-day wedding in Tuscany

A Dream Wedding at Castello di Montalto in Chianti

Lucrezia & Fabio

Elegance Amidst History

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As seen in Print in White Sposa Milan

L&F celebrated their wedding in the historic Castello di Montalto, an ancient venue that stands proudly in the Chianti region of Tuscany. It offered an undeniably unrivaled backdrop for a wedding that felt both elevated and relaxed at the same time.

Instantly recognizable, this breathtaking historical castle played a vital role in the history of Siena.

PHOTOGRAPHY : ANDREAS K. GEORGIOU | Planning & Design : weddings in tuscany | Videography : sergio minnici films | ⁠flowers la rosa canina firenze |⁠ venue : CASTELLO DI montalto in toscana | HMU : Romina Pashollari | Stationary : La Precisina | Catering (WEDDING DAY) : delizia ricevimenti | CATERING (WELCOME) :: The apinos

pizza party



The weekend began with a vivid pizza party in the vast estate's gardens, a prelude to the wonderful experience that was to follow the next day. The informal and heartwarming pizza party culmminated in a wondrous light show, mouth-watering gelato, and plenty of dancing.

Chianti Charm



The wedding ceremony unfolded against the castle and a masterful floral arch. The entire affair, beautifully coordinated by talented planner Weddings in Tuscany, was an effortless tribute to the unpretentious magnificence of the venue and of Tuscany. It hit all the notes of a meaningful ceremony that perfectly reflected and echoes the couple's personalities.

Chianti is in so many ways the Italy of your dreams

Culinary decadence took center stage as guests enjoyed a gastronomic journey. A gorgeous floral ambience, vibrant live music and amazing drinks created an unforgettable dining experience.


the culinary

The night concluded on a high-note with a crescendo of spectacular fireworks that left everyone in awe.



Siena on 35mm film

Siena, with its medieval streets and stunning cathedral, transports visitors back in time. The city is divided into 17 contradas, or districts, each with its own distinct identity and symbol (you might see their flags with their distinct crests). The contradas are not just administrative divisions; they are a way of life for the Sienese people. Families often belong to a contrada for generations, and loyalty to one's contrada is deeply ingrained.

The heart of Siena is the Piazza del Campo, a sloping square that hosts the biannual Palio di Siena horse race. This is not just a sporting event but a manifestation of civic pride and contrada rivalries. The contradas compete fiercely for the honor of winning the Palio, a colorful banner that becomes a symbol of supremacy until the next race.

The contradas also play a significant role in the daily life of Siena. Each contrada has its own parish church, social club, and gathering spaces, and they are in charge of taking care of their neighboorhood, entertaining their children with fun activities and participating in festivals and events organized by the contradas, all of which contribute to the vibrant cultural tapestry of the city.

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