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Enchantment in Sintra Valley at the Palace of the Rocks -Casa dos Penedos

Wedding inspiration at the Palace of Casa Dos Penedos in Sintra Valley, Portugal

As the sun begins to dip below the horizon, the grand estate, set amidst the stunning Sintra valley, is illuminated by fairy lights and candles. The bride  carries a bouquet of wildflowers, looking like straight out of a fairytale. Against the backdrop of the imposing palace, the couple exchanges their vows under the canopy of the trees which create a natural cathedral ceiling. This is what we invite you to experience with this gorgeous wedding inspiration we created at our latest workshop for photographers in Sintra Valley.

Nestled among the lush hills and forests of Portugal lies the enchanted Sintra Valley, overflowing with beauty and romance

Photographed during the workshop i co-hosted in Portugal

Venue: Casa Dos Penedos | Workshop Host : AMV Retreats | Wedding Planner : AMV Weddings | Workshop Co-Hosts & Educators: Andreas K. Georgiou, Sophie Kaye Photography, Branco Prata , Anna Lord | Florist: Siloh Florals | Behind the Scenes Video: Anna Lord | Behind the Scenes Photographer : Kir Tuben | Furniture/Tabletop Rentals : Maison Cristina | Hair/Makeup : Vanessa Chabert | Accessories: Untamed Petals | Cakes : Edelweiss Cakes | Stationary : Laura Elizabeth Patrick | Dress : Marchesa | Groom’s Attire : Bucco Couture | Linens : House of Hough | Shoes : Something Bleu | JewELlEry : Victor Barbone | Styling Boards: Lindale Studios | Flat lay Styling: Sophie Kaye Photography

Casa dos Penedos ("House of the Rocks"), nestled in the rolling hills of Sintra valley, serves as a stunning example of a dreamy wonderland. Embraced by nature yet crafted with human innovation, this magical estate takes one’s breath away with its eye-catching structures designed by the enigmatic visionary Raul Lino, a master of the Portuguese Art Nouveau movement. One can almost feel their soul being uplifted while exploring and admiring Casa dos Penedos’ starry night sky and verdant hillsides. It is no wonder why many travelers view Sintra valley as an enchanted paradise.

"House of the Rocks"


Casa dos

The King's Palace with its kitchen's vast chimneys, as seen from the terrace of Casa dos Penedos

With all eyes darting between gorgeous centerpieces and one-of-a-kind ornaments that provided moments of joy, this was certainly a magical setting!



The reception was a magnificent tapestry of visuals. A long table, enveloped by gleaming glass walls, and styled by talented Siloh's floral artistry with exuberant displays of color, this was more than just a table:

this was a mesmerizing symphony of textures and colour, lulling us into a whimsical visual spell. 

The outdoor area offers a remarkable view with almost endless possibilities for picture-perfect photo ops. From little grottos tucked away beneath an ivy covered archway to awe-inspiring views of terraced gardens offering unparalleled vistas, Casa dos Penedos also provides couples with a vast selection of areas to host their ceremony or reception within its grounds.

The grand facade of Casa dos Penedos served as the backdrop to the ceremony. The forestland revealed its secrets to all who assembled, allowing the spiritual gathering to be completely steeped in her old splendor. It felt as though time had stopped as they watched the sun paint patterns over treetops and shadows chase one other between thin trunks. An attitude of great veneration lingered long after we had left this historic location.

The Ceremony

Sintra Valley is a breathtaking locale that will fulfill your every wedding day dreams. With its towering cliffs, idyllic valleys, and luscious greenery as the backdrop to your special day, Sintra Valley is truly a one-of-a-kind destination. 

Sintra Valley is a place of endless exploration and discovery, a place where the magic of nature and the grandeur of history intertwine to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Lisbon & Sintra

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I travel the globe photographing life’s important events, weddings, and editorial shoots. I care deeply for each couple's love story as a worthy and unique piece of art. My photography is intimate and fashion-forward, with a painterly old-world charm, and infused with meaning and a sense of purpose.

I serve discerning clients from over 20 countries, and also teach remarkable photographers all over the world, aiming to inspire a new generation of artists to build thriving brands and use their Art as a platform for positive change.

My work stems from an overwhelming desire to advocate for empathy, empowerment, and the spreading of kindness. I hope that by showing all the goodness that exists in the world, I might help make the world a bit better, ever so slightly, because I can imagine nothing more powerful than two humans in love!

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