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What does “being an artist” mean?

I think these three concepts work together:

Culture [the stories we share]
Art [creating kinder stories]
Marketing [bending the culture]

  • Without Marketing, Art never really makes it into the Culture. If it doesn’t make it into the Culture then it does not stand a chance to bend the culture.
  • There is no “the” Culture. There is “a” Culture. As long as you share a story then you have a culture (“in this neighboorhood we like our lawn to be trimmed”, “in this family we have dinner together every night”).
  • Marketing has the power to create a culture (Harley Davidson did that for macho people)
  • Art does not have to involve a paintbrush or a camera. Art gives people kinder stories to share. Kinder stories means a kinder culture. You can find artists in classrooms, hospitals, and law firms, as much as in painting ateliers.
  • Some artists indeed hold brushes. Sometimes paintbrushes. Other times cleaning brushes and brooms. It doesn’t matter, because anyone is an artist as long as they add a kinder story to the world.

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