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Walking the Aisle in Her Mother’s Wedding Gown

There’s something to be said for incorporating something old into the mix in the fast-paced world of weddings. The “something old” tradition dates back to the Victorian era, when brides would wear an old family heirloom or clothing from their mother’s wedding day. This custom is thought to bring good luck and to serve as a reminder of the bride’s and her family’s past.

Niloo’s wedding was a truly special occasion, not just because she got married in a chateau in the South of France, but also because she wore a wedding dress that had been passed down through generations. Niloo’s mother wore the beautiful, puffy-sleeved silk gown on her own wedding day, in a traditional Iranian ceremony. This stunning gown not only added a one-of-a-kind touch to the wedding, but it also added a sentimental element to the entire event.

The use of something old, like a wedding dress, is a time-honored tradition that adds a layer of meaning and history to any wedding. When a bride wears her mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gown, she is connected to the past and carries on family traditions. It’s a chance to remember the women who came before us and to celebrate the love and commitment that has been passed down through generations.

However, just because you’re wearing an old dress doesn’t mean it has to look out of date or unfashionable.

In fact, many brides today choose to modernize their mother’s or grandmother’s gown by altering it or adding modern elements. A bride, for example, might add a sleek belt or a modern veil to update and modernize the look.

Brides today have a plethora of options for incorporating something vintage into their wedding. They can use an antique brooch, heirloom jewelry, a vintage purse, or even a prop such as an old suitcase or typewriter.

Using an antique on your wedding day is a one-of-a-kind way to honor your family’s heritage and form a meaningful connection with the past. It’s also a chance to showcase your personal style and plan a one-of-a-kind wedding. Incorporating something vintage into your wedding day, whether it’s a prop or a wedding gown, is a timeless trend.

View Niloo and Harry’s magical South of France Wedding here

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