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Destination Weddings

Imagine the world you make together in whatever part of the world ignites your imagination

Each couple has a geographical history: a map of beloved destinations, past and present. Choose what is particular and meaningful to you, whether the chalk cliffs of Étretat, a palazzo in Venice, a Tuscan Villa or Portugal's Sintra Valley. Consider any location that takes your breath away.

As I have discovered, each couple is its own world – a tapestry of shared tastes, memories, and laughter. It’s my privilege to tease out the threads of those histories through photography that is both visually exquisite and radiantly true to your individuality as a couple.

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You are my kind of couple when....

Destination Weddings

... you always keep a half unpacked suitcase!

... you plan your next trip on your current trip!

... your travel bucket list is a mile long!

Andreas' photographs are elegant as his soul is. Elegant, classy, soft and romantic. And you want a photographer like this for your wedding, don’t you?

- Silvia Bargagni

Wedding planner

Pre-wedding & Portrait

a conversation between you, the landscape, and the lens

Pre-wedding & Portrait

Romance in every magical destination in the world

My sessions are aesthetic adventures, excursions to seek out exquisite images without losing any of the naturalness which makes you who you are, designed to discover – and capture – the authentic moment. Think of it as a conversation between you, the landscape, and the lens.

Engagement sessions offer the ideal opportunity to explore the hairstyles and makeup you’ve been dreaming about, and to become at ease with the camera before the wedding day.

Beyond my artistic direction, my Collections include several white-glove services, such as guidance on locations, styling advise, and logistics.

As part of the process, I'll assist you in creating a captivating tale by advising you on props and attire. I'll give you advice on how to leverage your backstory. Whether your passion is playing the violin or sailing, a family heirloom, a handful of poppies, the woven blanket you found in Tlaxcala, I will assist establish the consummate mise en scène.

When it comes to fashion, you will also have the option to include a virtual stylist who will offer their sartorial suggestions as to pairing, colour palette, and overall styling. After all, fashion is an eloquent testament to who you are.

Fashion & Editorial

Fashion Editorial

My editorial work aims to capture graceful imagery that communicates a brand's soul and spirit. In my editorial work I look for the aesthetic that celebrates light, colours, texture and human connection, in order to fill the image with narrative intrigue.

My experience as an editorial photographer is complemented by my background in neuroscience and marketing. I have a thorough understanding of how storytelling is humanity's currency. My mission is to create artwork that conveys the power of your brand's personality; a story that will impact and inspire your audience.

Creating graceful stories that impact and move

Andreas' Wedding Photography is an invitation to travel into the sun itself: luminous, calm, sensual, and as eternal as the light he captured in order to create it:

A swathe of luminous landscape opening out in the morning’s sunlight!

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