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A brief travel guide to Lake Como

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Lake Como is the most spectacular of Italy’s lakes, ringed in by the snow-capped Alps and lined with picture-perfect towns on the water. It’s about an hour’s drive north of Milan.

The Milanesi come here for a day to get some fresh air and take in the spectacular views, while international guests have long been captivated by the stately lakeside hotels and the exquisite mahogany Riva boats that whizz down the lake’s deep blue waters.

Lake Como, however, is much more than its expensive boat rights and opulent homes. Como, known as the world’s silk capital, boasts a delightful pedestrian-friendly ancient center, a lovely waterfront, and vibrant squares with trendy restaurants and pleasant open-air cafés. Como is a lively city with a cosmopolitan air, built on its spectacular Duomo. It’s also a culturally-rich place, as artists, musicians, scientists, authors, opera singers and other creative types flocked here. A monument commemorating Alexander Volta, the creator of the battery, can be found along the Como shoreline. Lake Como in Italy is the movie-set notion of a luxury resort, with its green cypress shoreline. This is the place to unwind and enjoy the good life.

With wooded mountains providing superb trekking options and stunning vistas, Lake Como is primed for exploration. It’s also known for its flower-filled, luxuriant gardens. However, if you want to get the most out of your visit to the lake, go by boat. Most of the features are best seen from the water. The charming tiny towns that hug the coast, the rugged hinterland, and the Baroque mansions in their midst are all worth seeing.

The Knowledge Kilometer (Chilometro della Conoscenza) is a kilometer-long walkway on Lake Como’s western coast that begins at Villa Olmo, passes through the town of Serre, Villa del Grumello, and ends at Villa Sucota. It is a breathtakingly beautiful setting that encompasses the lake’s first basin, complete with gardens and old homes. It is a remarkable beautiful scene that encompasses the first basin of the lake and includes gardens, old palaces, greenhouses, and the city’s most prominent monuments. A heritage rich in natural beauty as well as cultural, historical, and aesthetic value.

It’s odd how this place has had such a tight hold on my heart. I might have left a piece of my heart here, only to reclaim it the next time I visit these beautiful grounds. In this way, Lake Como resembles a childhood fantasy: it appears less real and more like an ornate dream suspended on magical waters.

Until the next time, Lake Como!

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