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ShowIt Tip: A better LinkTree-style Instagram menu

Not my usual kind of post, but I decided to share this neat little trick because I have not seen it covered anywhere else. I hope it will save you some trouble!

When creating a ShowIt menu that displays when users click your bio link, (sort of like a LinkTree menu, only created by you, and for free!), you might want to consider that not all instagram users are using a mobile device. Some may be using instagram on a desktop or a tablet. In this case, it ‘d be nice to be able to display your IG Menu only on mobile devices, while directing users who use desktop or tablet directly to your homepage.

It is quite easy to do with this little trick:

First, add a canvas (let’s call this canvas “Desktop-script)” and set it to only be visible on desktop.

Next, add an Embed iframe in the canvas. Double click the iframe and copy-paste the following javascript code:

var width = window.innerWidth
|| document.documentElement.clientWidth
|| document.body.clientWidth;

if ( width > 600) {

Making sure to replace “” in this script with your own homepage URL. (keep your URL is wrapped with quotation marks). So, in my case, the line would be: window.location.replace(“”)

This little code will redirect desktop or tablet users directly to your homepage, while mobile users will keep seeing your mobile IG menu.

The final thing you might want to add is a courtesy notification such as the below. Add this in the Desktop-script canvas so that only desktop/tablet users will see it. If forever reason the script does not redirect the user automatically, the user will be able to navigate to the homepage manually. In most cases, the redirect will work perfectly well, and it will happen so fast that this notification will not even be visible.

Want to see this trick in action? Head to my website on your mobile device and visit my Instagram profile (@andreaskgeorgiou). Click the link in my bio and you’ll be taken to a mobile-specific menu. But, if you visit my Instagram profile on a desktop and click the same link, you will be redirected to my homepage!

That’s it!

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