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This information applies to the Andreas K. Georgiou website located at (and all associated sites linked to by Andreas K. Georgiou, its subsidiaries, and affiliates, as well as any social media sites controlled by Andreas K. Georgiou and its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Our portfolio is a tasteful representation of my most mature work as an artist. We only include the crop of the cream of our work in it.

The importance of portfolio for us as artists
As artists, our portfolio is our identity. Striving to make our work portfolio-worthy drives us to overachieve. We create with lots of care and love to our art, and as artists, we wish to have the right to proudly showcase it. Where a business would apply the least effort that gets the job done, an artist is willing to work extra create work that will do them justice in their portfolio, and that will, by extension, become part of their artistic identity.

Many of our clients are politicians, media personas, celebrities, corporation executives, and generally people in the public sphere. To protect the public image of our most sensitive clients we created a best-practices privacy protocol to gain control of the whereabouts of our images. Whether in the public eye or not, all our clients enjoy the same degree of protection and care. Please know that before a business, we are human beings, and we will do whatever in our powers to protect you, and put your mind at ease.

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