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Enchanting Journey Through the three days of our Workshop at Castle Leslie Estate, Ireland

A collage of the experience at Castle Leslie Estate where I taught photographers from around the world. I hope it transfers you to my world of enchantment!

Just a few days ago, I taught my eighth workshop in a span of nearly two years. My heart brims with gratitude for the open hearts and enthusiastic minds I’ve encountered throughout this incredible journey. Here is a brief glimpse of the three-day enchantment that unfolded at Castle Leslie Estate in Ireland.

As for Ireland, and the people of Ireland, you will always have a special place in my heart!


Venue : Castle Leslie Estate | Workshop Host AMV Retreats Educators : Andreas K. Georgiou, Sophie Kay, Kir Tuben | BTS : Love Story Films (video) & Konstantyn Zakhariy (photo) | Florist & rentals : Frog Prince Weddings | Cakes Erzulie Cakes | Linens Nuage Designs | Hair/Makeup : Victoria Nightinggale Jair & Tara Sanger Makeup | Gowns : Mara Maria Bridal, Alon Livne White, Monique Lhuillier White_house_Bride, Ersa Atelier Lfay Bridal, Ramialaliofficial, House of Savin | Shoes : Bella Belle Shoes Kate Whitcomb Dream Pairs Jimmy Choo | Stationary : Laura Elizabeth Patrick | Styling Mats : April and Mike Raymond, Locust Collection | Ring Boxes The Styling Reserve | Rings : Andria Barbone Jewelry | Accessories : Megan Therese Couture Edera Jewelry | Groom’s Attire Paul Andrew Suits | Earrings Lena Rom, Edera Jewelry

During my keynote I presented a topic that greatly interests me: the Archetypal Identities of Luxury Clientele and the potential for more effective marketing strategies by gaining a deeper understanding of their psychographics.

Behind-the-scenes photographs of myself by my friend Konstantyn Zakhariy.

I was also fortunate enough to have the incredible privilege of playing a few notes on the ancient Berchstein grand piano in the castle (I can only imagine which legendary rockstars may have graced these keys!).


This image holds a special place in my heart. When conducting a workshop, one is often surrounded by eager participants expecting the next creative idea. It’s a process that undoubtedly sharpens an educator’s ability to think on their feet. I happened upon the swan image hanging on the bar’s wall and instantly envisioned placing the model in a way that mirrored the swan’s grace – all of this transpired in less than two minutes. However, as I continued to examine the image, I began to see it in a new light. The swan now appeared as if it were a mirage in her dreams, or perhaps, her soul awakening in the form of a swan.

Castle Leslie Estate

Castle Leslie Estate is located in the picturesque countryside of County Monaghan, Ireland. This magnificent castle, set amidst 1,000 acres of lush woodlands and serene lakes, exudes timeless charm and elegance. With its roots dating back to the 17th century, Castle Leslie Estate offers a glimpse into Ireland’s rich heritage.

Castle Leslie Estate has a fascinating history of attracting celebrities, especially during the vibrant 60s. Desmond Leslie, a multifaceted individual with roles as a pilot, electronic music pioneer, writer, and UFO specialist, and his wife, Agnes, an actor and former American spy, were prominent fixtures in London’s ‘it’ crowd. Desmond’s lineage, as the grandson of Sir John Randolf Leslie, 2nd Baronet, and son of Shane Leslie, 3rd Baronet, lent them an air of aristocratic glamour.

During this era, Castle Leslie Estate earned a reputation as a star-studded hotspot, so much so that an escape route was installed in anticipation of potential police raids related to drug use.

One noteworthy encounter at Castle Leslie Estate involved none other than Mick Jagger himself. While seeking to relish the lush Irish landscape, Mick Jagger found himself pursued by a group of local girls from a reformatory school. The chase eventually led him to seek refuge in the tower of St. Salvator’s Church, a part of the Castle Leslie Estate.

This very church gained fame as the location where Paul McCartney and Heather Mills tied the knot.

The estate’s history is indeed enriched with colorful anecdotes of encounters with famous personalities, making it a captivating destination with a storied past.

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