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Giving back through your wedding

Your wedding is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you and your spouse to convey everything that makes your relationship special, from the location to the vows. With so many wonderful organizations and causes to choose from, it’s no surprise that couples are looking for ways to give back while planning their weddings.

1. Donate Your Wedding Goods

Ask your merchants what they can do with any leftover materials or if they know of any places where you can donate extra supplies. You may give any leftover food to a food bank in your area. Your caterer will most likely be able to inform you which foods are acceptable.

2. Consider donating your wedding dress.

Here is list to get you started, though there are countless similar charities to choose from!

3. Opt for Charitable Bridesmaid Outings

Giving back is a terrific way to bond, and there are various ways to offer your time for charity depending on where you live. Inquire with your bridesmaids about spending time together at a community garden or soup kitchen. If you reside in Cyprus, where there are less organised charity possibilities, organize your own bridesmaid/ groomsmen marathon and raise money for a charity of your choice from friends and coworkers.

4. Donate to Charity in Lieu of Favors

You can forego the treats and give to a charity that is meaningful to both of you. Place a large placard on the table or a note on each guest’s place setting indicating that a gift has been made in their honor. I’ve compiled a list of charity for you below. Please leave a comment below or send me a message if you have one to propose!

5. Make it Local

Planning a wedding is the perfect time to support small businesses in your local area or wherever you’re getting married. Since so much money goes into wedding planning, consider how good it would be to spend part of that money towards a business that works hard to provide a fantastic service to their community while still making a livelihood.
– Go local for favors
– Use a small print shop
– Shop gifts from local businesses
– Hire local musicians
– Tag your local vendors on Social Media
– And write glowing reviews to help other couples make it local too!

6. Volunteer during a portion of your honeymoon

Spending even the smallest part of your trip helping others can be so rewarding. From helping build schools in Vietnam or walk with lions as you support a breeding-and-release lion programme in Africa. You can visit Habitat for Humanity ( and Honeymoon Volunteers ( for more information!

If you are looking to give back through your own celebration, please consider some of these heartwarming causes that can help you spread the goodwill:

More information and ideas on planning an ethical and
sustainable zero-waste wedding

77 Diamonds has a comprehensive article you may find useful. Beyond information about waste generated by the wedding industry, it also contains plenty of ideas on planning an ethical and sustainable zero-waste wedding, from sourcing ethical conflict-free rings to low-impact flowers and ways to support green nonprofits.

Check 77 Diamonds’ article here

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