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The Four Seasons – ‘Summer’

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Inspired by the wilds of the south coast of Cyprus and the serenity that precedes that precious moment before the sun fades into the ocean is what inspired this seaside wedding theme. This wedding editorial pairs the Cypriot summer sunlight with the passion of the deep blue! Our goal was to create the kind of painterly imagery which will feel like the sea that we all know all so well, synthesised by an array of ocean cues.

The bride changed into two looks, both designed by Stalo Theodoroum from her new Collection. Her look was completed by a hairstyle that embodied the free spirit of summer.

The breathtaking dinner for 6 was set just a few meter by the sea. We started right before sunset so to catch that perfect stream of white and golden sun rays on a luminous summer afternoon. You don’t need much more when you have a dreamy backdrop, and all the wedding details that bring out the main elements of Cyprus: white, blue and perfect light. The perfect scenery for a seaside wedding!

A large scan of the surrounding area readily provided us with a palette for our inspiration. From the sea we drew several elements to tie everything together to create a picturesque wedding at sea. From the ruffles on the cake echoed the foam and the cliffs, to the handmade lanterns, handmade using hundreds of sea shells, to the menu of fruit de la mer, everything had a connection with the surroundings of the beach. Stones, water, light, and a soft breeze: the ideal ingredients to frame a stunning couple.

For the beach-inspired portraits, visions of a sea fairy dancing against the mesmerising seascape gave the illusion of her floating midair as she spinned in a billowing dress.

Witnessing the different ways the seaside can be translated to design is always a treat: this photoshoot is a unique interpretation of the sea’s goodness: nautiluses, corals, sea plants, fruits de la mer. 

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