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3 tips on how to create your own storyline for a photoshoot

With the use of a narrative that speaks to the heart of both the couple and the photographer, we can create something out-of-the-ordinary and extraordinary.

This neo-noir photoshoot, moody, dramatic, contrasty and emotive, followed D&C’s wedding ceremony. It took place in a bar, where the couple would be enacting a short story of them meeting and flirting in a New York upscale bar. The result is narrative-rich (maybe even more so thanks to black-and-white photography’s ability to magnify focus on the subject). I feel this photoshoot is different than my other work in terms of ambience, colour and lighting, but still remains along the same lines of narrative richness.

3 tips for couples

As a couple, it often helps to think about the story you want to convey through your images. Do you want to capture the gentle, romantic moments between you and your partner or a more playful vibe? Maybe you have a movie or book in mind that you want to emulate in your photos.

  1. Use props and accessories to add depth to your story. From flowers, to candles, sunglasses, and champagne, to oversized hats to… cars and yachts, anything goes as long as it means something to you!
  2. Choose a location that fits your story. If you’re going for a romantic theme, consider a scenic outdoor location. If you’re going for something playful, consider a city street. If you are going for a sexier mood, a funky bar works very well!
  3. Communicate your vision with your beauty team. Consider your outfits and hairstyles. The clothing and hairstyles you choose can help convey your story. For example, if you’re going for a vintage theme, consider wearing clothes and hairstyles from that era. If you’re going for a more modern theme, consider wearing trendy clothes and hairstyles.

Remember, the goal is to tell your own story in a way that’s authentic to you and your partner. Communicate it with your photographer and your entire team. Act it out and let your photographer capture the moments that best represent your story.

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