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– Copy someone you admire.
– But won’t this make me inauthentic?

Before you can compose/draw/photograph a masterpiece, something that is beyond any previous memory, you have to first instil skill. Skill comes from grinding repetition and copying (or, better, imitation of) the masters until your brain forms new pathways.

Why can’t we accept that Life, being the greatest work of art of all, requires methodical practice too? That, for us in order to create a life that’s a masterpiece, we need to: Copy. Fail. Repeat.

Until we become someone that someone else admires. And so the circle goes.

Authenticity (“I will be who I am“) is the perfect place to hide.

November 14, 2022


Being “safe” (in business, art, life) is an illusion.

One cannot possibly expect to be safe. The only thing one can expect from oneselves is to be metasafe. Metasafe: to be able to cope with danger/ failure/ death/ _________ (all the nasty stuff the world will inevitably throw). 

Once metasafe, it no longer makes sense saying “I am failing because of the world“.

Instead, the encouraging conclusion is this:

I can succeed despite the world.

November 13, 2022


Let people outshine you. Even better, enable them.

Because then, you can observe and improve yourself.

Let’s forgo the pleasure of complaining how stupid/ uncultivated/ unprofessional everybody else is. Whether this be true or not, aside from the temporary gratification of feeling the smartest person in the room, the reality is this:

Being the “smartest person in the room” is a sad place to be.

November 12, 2022


I believe responsibility starts with taking care of ourselves.

In a nutshell: “taking care of ourselves today, in a way that will allow us to take care for ourselves in the future too.”
(Such as, if I were to betray my friends today, it ‘d be left lonely tomorrow.)

Yet, it’s not about consequences. It’s about growth: to take care of ourselves, means to realise that “being”, and “becoming” are two entirely different states of possibility.

November 11, 2022


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